There is only ONE Oklahoma

Friday, November 16, 2007


Earlier this week I wrote an in depth analysis of the possibilities of OU jumping Oregon in the BCS. After last night's game.......never mind

Thanks Mike and oh yeah, thanks to Ron and Dee Stoops too!



Trixie said...

Doesn't look like OU will be jumping up in the polls etiher.

Tech 34 OU 27!


Anonymous said...

You said it Trixie! AMEN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are not going to blog about OU getting jobbed once again with a replay call. Not to take anything away from Tech, but the OU receiver was clearly INBOUNDS on that 4th down try and should have been called a TD. The officials originally ruled that he was out of bounds, then once the replayed clearly showed he was inbounds, they promptly changed their story to -- the receiver didn't have possession pf the ball. If that was the case, that should have been the ruling all along.

NCAA replay sucks

okla21fan said...

Tech played a great game with a QB who got a hot hand and fed off the emotion from a great crowd.

Tech deserved that win.