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Monday, November 26, 2007

New Rules verses Old Rules

Now that the season has completed, the cries that 'driver X' was robbed of a Championship because of the new CHASE format. While their complaints may or even may not have merit, format changes are a part of every sport. It is just a fact.

Take a page from College Football for instance:

In 1973, first-year coach Barry Switzer went into the Colosseum in LA and stunned John McKay, Pat Haden and the defending national champion USC Trojans by playing them to a 7-7 tie. (OU threw 1 pass)

In 2007, LSU lost to Kentucky in 3 OTs and Arkansas in 3 OTs.

Under the old system, without overtime, LSU would be 10-0-2, undefeated and likely still #1, set up to play for the NC after winning their conference championship game.

Under the new system, Switzer could possibly have beaten McKay and had 3 NCs in a row, instead of finishing 10-0-1 and ending up ranked 5th.

Incidently, Notre Dame beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl to go 11-0 and Alabama ended up 11-1-0, both claiming the NC for 1973. (Alabama was UPI NC which didn't vote after bowl games, OU was NC in 3 other services-including Sagarin, ironically a BCS computer input now)

I don't hear LSU fans crying about this new format change as they realize that it is simply a part of the game now.

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