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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tony, Tony, Tony

Let me get this straight, Tony Stewart just a couple of weeks ago was upset because a large number of fans 'booed' him. Upset so much to the point that he threatened retirement. I have two words of advice for who I consider one of the three most talented drivers in the Cup series.

Grow up!

Then just a week later, much of the same contingent of fans showered Jeff Gordon's car with Budweiser cans, after the 24's attempt to honor the 'Man in black'. But what was missing from this story is a response from Gordon threatening to retire because of some 'boos'.

But Tony doesn't stop there. Tuesday night in Sirius Radio, Tony breaks out his tin foil hat and falls back on the 'phantom debris caution' theory. You gotta love his determination and keen eye site, traveling in a car at over 140 mph and his ability to see every inch of the race track. Let alone that since conspiracy theories of this nature have been spawned, I have yet to see any Nascar track worker, be it former or present, actually admit that these cautions are fabricated. Surely the France family has ticked off some track worker that is willing to go public with such a claim. But I am not holding my breath that this will happen.

The next time Tony decides to actually speak to the press, maybe he should get some advice from this person. After all, the tin foiled hat fits perfect on her.
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You are arguably the best over-all driver in Cup, don't blow that rep with your choice of head gear.

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