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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Throwing Some Darts

Long term verses short term thinking:
Some owners are still whining about the expense of the C.O.T. and also running the current chassis. Short term thinking would show that they are correct, and yes for this year it is more expensive to run a race team. But what about when the C.O.T. is run full time in the series? Just with the little use so far of the C.O.T. some race teams have taken the same car to all three races. That is something that never would have been considered with the 'car of yesterday'. Also, years ago, the implementation of the restrictor plate added to the annual cost to race teams, but somehow that has been forgotten by some of these owners. In the short term, the C.O.T. will be more expensive, but in the long term, this car will keep annual cost from rising at an alarming rate.

Fan Suicide watches:
The doom and gloom cloud has now reached the Ricky Rudd, Elliott Sadler, Kasey Kahne, Brian Vickers, and of course the Micheal Waltrip fan message boards. What started out as high hopes and expectations for the season has now turned to finger pointing and discontent. But any one of these group's world would change in a heartbeat with a top ten finish at Dega. Or in "Jet Fuel's" case, just making the race.

Even David forgets:
A couple of weeks ago before the TMS race, David Poole spoke out against allowing coolers into the grandstand areas at race tracks. As a rule I usually agree with David's opinions, however in this case I find it hard to swallow coming from a person who spends much of his race day sitting in air conditioned press box, and having FREE and catered food brought to him at his beckon call. But like some of my email nemeses' like to point out about some of my opinions, I don't think David has ever turned a competitive lap in a race car, so how can he possibly know what he is talking about. Irony alert!

Paint that wing!
I have stated before and will probably state again that I actually like the 'look' of the C.O.T. But I do have one suggestion. Nascar and the teams need to come up with a solution so teams can get that black rear wing painted or decaled to match the car's individual paint scheme. Worse comes to worse, allow the teams to keep the wings each week, and have them inspected prior to mounting during pre-qualifying tech. If that wing didn't pass inspection for what ever reason, then the team would have a new wing issued to them.

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