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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

I completely love Saturday night racing, but am I the only one that feels that their weekend schedule is a bit 'out of whack'? The whole weekend just doesn't seem right, and even seems a rushed somewhat. I have often wondered if the teams have this same problem as well.

I have also heard theories how local tracks suffer from Saturday Night Cup races and that very well could be true in some parts of the country, but from what I have seen the past few years at the local dirt tracks that I regularly attend, those 'conflict' of interests don't seem to effect attendance much.

This very race last year, I attended my favorite local dirt track, however with the aid of a small hand held TeVee, I was able to somewhat follow the Cup race. The grandstands seemed just as full as a normal night and like always the racing was great.

For the handful of Saturday Night Cup races on the schedule, it maybe a small sacrifice for the 'local track owner' if it effects his attendance at all. Having Cup races on prime time TeVee can only be good for the sport as a whole. But I wouldn't want to see many more Sunday races moved to Saturday. That wheel cannot get any more rounder, but it still makes the weekend as a whole seem different for this Nascar fan.


Snafam said...

Luckily, on the west coast, we have the option of having our cake, and eating it too! We can watch the Saturday night racing on TV, and then head out to the local track, and still see some good racing!

Onebadwheel.com said...

I've got the uncanny knack for scheduling the few and far between 'date nights' with my wife on Saturday race nights only to realize it the day before. Thank God for the DVR. I like Saturday night races though because it makes Sunday seem longer.

Onebadwheel.com said...

Oh...btw, which local track do you go to?

okla21fan said...

Most of the time we go to Cowtown Speedway. The racing is pretty good there, and the promoter seems to keep the show rolling at a good pace.