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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's LOST day!

Hurry up and wait
It maybe LOST day, but it won't be for long. The short lived Season three will be put on the shelf until mid February? Someone help me get this ABC hook out of my mouth! So tonight is a 'semi' cliff hanger. Is tonight the night when Jack has to make the 'big choice'? I guess after tonight, we will have plenty of time to dissect the first 6 episodes of this season.

Sax and Violins in the pits?
Remember Emily Litella from Saturday Night Live fame in the late 1970s? I can just hear it now from her sitting behind the 'Weekend Update' desk peering through her bifocals and reading her prepared statement. "What is all this stuff about Sax and Violins in the Nascar Pits? I would think that the noise from the cars alone would drowned out the sound of these instruments in the first place! And whats up with the women, dressed to the nines in fire suits on top of pit boxes?"

So a member of the 10 crew is suspended indefinitely for his part of the now infamous altercation. I have seen where a few fans think this might be a bit extreme and the Nascar has set the bar a bit higher then ever before. That is hardly the case, I have not seen Larry Lacky at a track since 2002.

So, the City of Dallas passed the bond...
package approving funding for renovations at the Cotton Bowl. Supposedly, work is to proceed in three phases with the first phase to begin after the Cotton Bowl game this January. Money is also to go to renovating other buildings at Fair Park and.. a DART train station is supposed to open at Fair Park in 2009.

Does this signify the likelihood of the OU/Texas game remaining at Fair Park for the long term future? With the Sea Hag (Laura Miller) not running for re-election and Jim Jordan, a staunch supporter of the Cotton Bowl one of the favs to replace her, there is increased hope that the greatest tradition in college football may stay as it is supposed to. I am not holding my breth on this one though as the Dallas City Council missed the boat when 'Jerry World' wanted to relocate the Cowboys to the Fair Park area. This 'band-aid' may help in the short term, but the Red River Shootout tradition maybe doomed, and that is a crime for college football.

Two peas in a pod
So the 'Southern Gentleman' was named an 'Honorary Texan' over the weekend, and the 'award' was presented by Texas Humorist, Author, Musician and Politician Richard "Kinky" Friedman. It is funny to compare the similarity of these two 'Texans'. Both at one time just a few short months ago were very popular and could even be considered successful. Both have committed 'public suicide', by doing one simple action, which is to speak publicly and opening up their true persona's. "Kinky" went from a projected 35+% of the state wide Governor's election popular vote in Texas (the re-elected Governor only finished with 37 or so percent), but after pulling a 'Jimmy Spencer', during the only public televised debate, he would not address issues with any attempt of a solution. Although he spoke in alot of words and lenghtly run on sentences, his substance was zero. Just like listening to Spencer on 'Nascar This Morning'. "Kinky" finished with about 12% of the Texas vote last night, much like his Nascar counterpart, the more people listen to him, the more they see through their respective smokes screens. But I guess now, the 'Southern Gentleman's" real/fake MySpace account is a little more truthful where he claims he is from 'Dallas, Tx'.

Kay Baily Hutchison and her staff should be ashamed of this duping. But then again, she is in the same business. And lastly, according to the official SFC press release, it was a 'large contingent of Sadler fans in the great state of Texas petitioned.......', that's sort of funny looking at the official press release pictures, as only one Texas resident was in attendance for this 'wonderful' ceremony.

The Return of "Small Ball"?
This week the Texas Rangers hired Ron Washington as their new Manager. While I have never been a Rangers fan that much, mainly because they play in the American League. I was impressed with Washington's first comments and over-all baseball philosophy. He stresses good infield play, staying ahead in the 'count' for pitchers, and maybe most importantly, getting runners into scoring position. I guess what caught my attention was him speaking of the lost art especially in the American League of 'moving runners over' with less than two outs. To me, this will be a refreshing change if he really means it, from the now seemingly endless string of a batted ball either resulting in a two or three run homer, or the more common, double play.

A 'Suit'?
Looks like new ESPN/ABC analyst Marty Smith has traded in his T-shirts for a coat and tie. Nascar fans in general don't accept change very well, but hopefully they will accept the usual good content of what Smith says, over the look.

The 'Tuna' ......the iron fisted coach?
So after this weeks debacle at Washington, the Dallas Cowboys are the most penalized team in the NFL. Wasn't the 'reputation' for the Big Tuna, Cowboy coach Bill Parcells, as being a disciplinarian and fundamentals coach? Well, in Dallas we haven't seen that in a three or so years. This Cowboy team is now 'his' team, with few other previous coach's players left on the roster. But then again, Parcells hasn't won a play-off game in almost ten years. I am not saying that it is time for a coaching change in Big D, but it maybe time to realize the the Big Tuna is a very average coach, coaching a very average team.


Clementine said...

My understanding is that there was only one Texan in that group of Texan fans who nominated Elliott. And that other folks tried to meet with them, and got no response.

Hmmm...the Inner Circle likes to keep it Inner! Anyone else is not invited!

Thurman1515 said...

I was at TMS all weekend and heard nothing of the Honorary Texan crapolla, so I'm guessing it wasn't news worthy at all.

Just two struggling people trying to garner attention with the 'look at me' syndrome.

Thurman1515 said...

Oh.......and Lost jumps the shark tonight!!!

Hook Em!

Gvav1 said...

Good Am Boomer! I'm a Lost freak myself...and yep, we got hung til February 7. That's strange, but not unexpected in this day age. Gotta love Kate in a cage, vroom!

I'm happy for Marty Smith, Spark Dog got his picture made with him at Daytona...very nice guy!