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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Do your deed today

I frequent a Sooner message board and saw this post last night, felt it was very important today and frankly, he said it better than I ever could (and this is applicable not only to Sooner fans, but everyone in this country), so please, go perform your deed today!

Okay, some of you folks enjoy reading the little history snippets I try to faithfully bring you each morning. If you enjoy them, or even if you don't, I'm asking for a favor this evening.

Here's the dealio. Unless you have been living in a cave, you know tomorrow is Election Day. I'm asking all true SOONERS to get off their duffs, head-out for work a little early in the morning, and VOTE. The polls open at 0700 and they close at 1900.

Look, I know many of you are sick of all the campaigning, hate the phone calls, signs and ads, but, please consider the following.

There are a lot of military veterans on here. The most important thing we defended during our period of service was your sacred franchise. Seriously.

See, true representative democracy is a rare thing on this spinning orb we call Earth. There are literally billions of people who don't know what it is to walk up to a polling place, and cast their vote without fear of government reprisal or fearing their vote won't matter.

No matter what the pundits on either side may say, your vote matters and everyone who loves this little political experiment we call the United States of America is depending on you to fulfill the obligation you owe to generations who suffered on your behalf to secure your right. Please trust me, its the grown-up thing to do. Our kids are depending on you to show them the way. Bring that little "I voted" sticker home and show them. That's the only way to bring them up right.

Hundreds of thousands of American men and women have died to win, and secure, your right to go to the polls tomorrow. So, please, show-up, greet the nice blue-haired retired lady or old Oklahoma gentleman, get your yellow paper ballot and "special pen" and fill in those arrows.

Now look, I'm begging you, donkey, or elephant, or something in between -- makes absolutely no diff. Get your tookus to the polls and do your duty as an American citizen. Our system depends on you. It just doesn't work as well if only the extreme looney left or extreme rabid right does all the voting. You can bet they'll be there tomorrow. How about joining them?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

Ur pal,

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Gvav1 said...

Good message Boomer...I voted!