There is only ONE Oklahoma

Monday, November 20, 2006


1.a scene or state of wild uproar and confusion.

This Saturday marks the final regular season game for the Sooners and if you were to ask any 'Okie Lite' (aka Oklahoma State University) fan, they would tell you that this is their most important game of the season. Some going so far as to say, 'I wouldn't mind going 1-11 as long as that one win was against the Sooners'. more on 'Bedlam' week in a couple of days.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the 'Classy Ohio State Fans' and their 'tradition' of unrully behavior after their Buckeyes win a big game. Once agian, and sadly we see a repeat from the Buckeye faithful. I guess only 40 arrests is improvement, but it is sad that the city fathers in Columbus most pass laws prohibiting parking your car on some streets and forcing City crews to work overtime to empty trash bins, and heaven forbid someone have a couch on their porch only to find the charred remains a few hours later. Its too bad that one of the greatest College Football Traditions (the marching of the script Ohio and dotting the I) is paired with this other tradition.

If I had a vote in the polls. It would look like this;

1. The OSU - 12-0 (only played 4 teams with winning records, are they that good?)
2. USC - 9-1 (very consistant all season)
3a. ARK - 10-1 (early season loss to USC only blimish)
3b. FLORIDA - 10 -1 (SEC champ game with Ark will decide this tie)
5. MICHIGAN (while it was a nice effort last Sat, time to give another team a shot)
6. ND - 10-1 (will lose to USC and drop to the mid teens)
7. Boise - 11-0 ( I know, I know but 11-0 )
8. Wisc - 11-1 (a quiet 11 win season but the big 10 is pretty weak as a whole)
9. tx - 9-2 (big game Friday agaisnt A&M, Texas wins this one by 2 TDs)
10. OU - 9-2* (getting 'Ducked' may cost OU a BCS bowl game)
11. Aub - 10-2 (I really thought they were the team to beat in the SEC.... wrong again)
12. Lou - 9-1 (play somebody)
13. WV - 9-1 (see above)
14. LSU - 9-2 (still can't figure out this team, could play the spoiler this Friday against Ark)
15. RUT- 9- 1 (nice season, against weak teams)
Dear Waco ticket scalpers:
You have to be the dumbest bunch of ticket holders in the universe.

Me: How much you want for those tickets?
Scalper: $40 a piece
Me: $40??!?!? Those tickets are $37 at the ticket window and they said there's 15,000 left.
Scalper: Man, these are on the 35 yard line.
Me: And I'll give you $5!

I swear those numb skulls outtside the stadium thought they were selling tickets to Michigan v. Ohio St.

Final price........ 4 tickets for $30....TOTAL!

On to 'go fast and turn left'
congrats to 'JJ' for winning a championship, by doing that feat alone you have vaulted yourself above such drivers as Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd and a few others, who consistently finished in the top ten in points, but never won a championship.

Another blown motor for the 19?
It just might be a bit of Karma as once again we saw the 19 have a good qualifying effort, only to see him fall to the mid 20s in the early laps of the race. Then a two tire stop puts him back in the top 10. Just once I would like to see him actually pass cars on the track, and not in the pits. Johnson showed it could be done, but then again he got a new trophy yesterday. I don't know that much about motor tuning, but I do know that they can be tuned to add a bit of horsepower, but that will give up longevity. Maybe that's the only way Evernham feels the 19 can stay with the leaders these days.
Mailing it in:
The 88 team once again mails in a race. (term used for just going through the motions) Or maybe we should use the term coined by a racing buddy. 'The 88 team UPSed it in'

Countdown to Daytona:
90 days and counting. I wish i had a job that gives you three straight months off. If anyone complains about the Cup schedule being 'so long and time consuming', don't believe them, after all, it is their choice, they could always fall back and sell cars at Daddy's dealership 50 weeks of the year.

It was just a few short years ago, we heard the whining from many Nascar Fans concerning 'car count' or lack there of. Now we are seeing fields with entries of 50 plus cars, and next season looks to be the same. This sport maybe in its most healthy eras in the past 40 years.
Don't look now:
But the Oklahoma Sooner Hockey team is undefeated (17-0-0) and ranked third in the country


Jamie said...

Va Tech not in the top 15? With the #1 defense in the country? Now granted with Brandon Ore out for the UVA game (like we need him to beat the Wahoos) we're not top 15 but with a healthy Ore VT is certainly as good as Boise or Rutgers.

I thought LSU was the team to beat in the SEC in preseason. Maybe it's that former Okie State coaches fault :)

Arkansas at #4 is too high. I know they are playing well now, but USC went into their stadium the 1st game of the year. USC had a new QB and RB and they beat them by over 30 points.

Thurman1515 said...

The quality pass stat on Nascar.com pretty much sums up ESad's career as a mid pack driver.

And the 38 has turned the corner even with running with a rookie driver. Karma is a great choice of words.

StewartFan said...

Cars will come and go, drivers will come and go, Things will get better, worse, and better again. The one constant we can count on is the whining. Now I'm going back to my blog and whine some myself.