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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elliott Sadler...his name is A.J. Allmendinger

update 4:45 CST 12/28/08
Seems the Sadler faithful are getting a bit restless, and understandably so. They would like some answers or at the very least some words of wisdom from either the 'former' driver of the 19 or his PR man. Brett is still lurking but the cat has got his tongue so far. The questioning on SFC has even brought out some that swore they would never post there again. But like history has shown, the 'paying' Sadler fan is left out in the cold. At least so far.

update: 8:30 CST 12/27/08

Brett Griffin (aka spotterman) was lurking on the SFC message board a little more than an hour ago. There is little doubt that he saw the thread concerning this story yet made no denial or comment. It is a usual practice for Sadler's PR man, to normally squelch such a rumor. Maybe he is simply gathering his thoughts though.

I have to think there is more to this rumor than simply firing a driver. (but this is the 'Evernham way')

Remember when Elliott Sadler didn't have the courtesy to call a fellow CUP driver by name? Ego aside, it was a classless move and one that was criticized on this blog. Now there is a hard core rumor from what most call a very credible source that Sadler will be replaced this up coming season by good ole 'WhatHisName'.

This just 6 months after Sadler had signed a multi year extension to his existing contract. Can anyone say IRONY alert???? Seems there must be some pesky 'out clause' being used by GEM. Double irony alert.

Let the spin cycle begin and I am sure I will receive word from SFC and other Sadler opinion sites and will be happy to post the spin. And lastly, it was also just a few months ago that I jokingly said that Sadler would be the next driver in the 8 car at DEI. (well, I was close, just didn't get the car number right) Maybe my jokes are reality, maybe not. Can't wait to see A.J. on IRacing next time.

More to come on this story.


Anonymous said...

I think Gillette is making a smart move Why??? Because although I do not care for AJ he has the fire and the passion. Elliott has had his head in the wrong place for a while and your blog has pointed that out time and time again.

Anonymous said...


Snafam said...

Sadler is now finding out how it feels to be the one 'dumped!' Is it nice, no...but then, he can go to the Wood Brothers and to Robert Yates for advice on how to handle this kind of 'dumping!'

And like I said in my own blog, Jeremy Mayfield has to be laughing now!

Anonymous said...

Any PR that was already laid down (ES talked about shooting some commercials with Kasey Kahne towards the end of the ’08 season) is going to be useless. I don’t blame sponsors for being upset.

Geez maybe your blog is like Disney’s new movie “Bedtime Stories”… Tell a story and it comes true!

Kim said...

Whats the deal with ESad or even Brett not commenting on this to his SFC members? Have they forgotten the exclusive content claims too? Yet they are now hawking their 2009 membership drive.

I am so glad I found this blog thanks to my friends on the topix board.

sad but true said...

Hey Phil
Do you think this firing has anything to do with Amanda and the upcoming marriage? He needs to dump that loser, she has only been trouble from the start.

okla21fan said...

This has nothing to do with Amanda. none, nada, niet!!!!

Lets just leave her out of this as she is non applicable to this firing (if confirmed).

The last five race results have more to do with this than anything (along with the ast 3 years), and the fact that there is a businessman running GEM now, not some 'good ole boy'.

Anonymous said...

Big time move by the gillet team for the #19 ride .... AJ showed alot of talent there towards the end of the season driving the 10 car , and sadlers chances just seemed to have run out .. elliot is a cool dude but to me i never understood him getting that ride to begin with .. shouldnt have left yates when they seemed to want him during the rebuilding stage for there situation ... just hope earnhardt ganassi racing picks labonte for the 41 ride and not elliot . sadler is not in labontes league when it comes to talent ....

xsadlerfan said...

I have been reading this blog for a while and although I find it interesting, I want to ask the question "does anyone think that he gets what he deserves?" I have been a race fan for years and have met several of the drivers, even as a guest of RCR racing at Darlington several years ago. Most of the drivers I have met and dealt with have taken time to meet and greet and seemed gracious for your support. Sadler on the other hand showed no appreciation to his fans at the barn party and did not seem the least bit interested in meeting any of them after we paid 50 bucks and stood in line in 100 degree heat to get a 20 second picture op and autograph. Kasey Khane on the other hand stood and met and spoke to each and every fan. Sadler sat behind a table, sometimes even tossing the signed pictures back at the fans and not even speaking. He seems to be a spoiled little rich kid that has had it all handed to him. Looks like his treatment of people is starting to slap him in the face. He should learn the meaning of appreciation, and realize that it does not take long to sweep it all out from under you if you do not know how to take care of it. He should look in the mirror and quit blaming everyone else for everything going wrong around him!

Anonymous said...

I told you to do a blog on his late season mailing it in. This is a performance sport, and his performance in the 19 car was very Casey Atwood like.

Now the declining rides will begin. The 19 was his zenith, he didn't perform, and he'll never get a ride of that caliber ever again. In 5 years he'll be doing TV or something else cause his career as a full time driver will be finished.

bluevettegal said...

Sadler won't be strutting his stuff around GEM any more. He wouldn't even take the time to talk to his fans at the fan appreciation day. They had to give his stuff away as no none would buy it. Now that his big salary is gone, maybe they will hire back some of the 60 guys that were hindsighted and let go. Oh, everything is fine...blaaa blaaa we have sponsors then pow, see you later oh by the way you have no insurance either as of today! Have a Merry Christmas and good luck finding another job along with a 1000 other unemployed guys/gals looking for a job. A J will do fine. He's hungry and I am sure they are not paying him much to drive. He drove pretty much for free last year. Without Ray, this team is destined for failure. He knew when to get out, wish he would have told the rest of the guys.

Anonymous said...

I come from the old school. I know this sport has gotten so big ,$, and many of the drivers have lost focus as to who has made this sport what it is, the fans. There are only a few drivers out their who actually realize this and treat the fans with respect.
I am a true believer what goes around comes around. Look at the ones who have been around for so long. The sponsors maybe saw this in this driver, I know I have seen it and so have many others out there. YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET WHERE YOU COME FROM, AND THIS CAN BE A HARSH REMINDER FOR HIM!

I had a friend tell me right before Christmas her son was a huge Elliott fan and saw him at the steak house in Roanoke Rapids,NC and he ignored her 5 year old son and would not sign a paper for him. If you want to be a celebrity you need to know when you go in public this is part of the job.

Sponsors need to know this, because WE buy their products, the drivers get them for free.

Recruit drivers who show the fans respect and we will buy the products to show our support!