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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Testing, Testing, One Two Three

Well, I had almost finished my thoughts on the new Nascar Cup testing proposal but when I glanced over to the 'Queen of NASCAR Physics' blog, I saw that a teacher could do a much better job of breaking these rules down. Stop by Stock Car Science for Diandra's 'lecture', it is worth the time.

Seems the rumors over the past month or so have come true and VLP.net have closed their doors. No longer are the references to VLP on any of Elliott Sadler's official websites. Judging from the slowness in other updates from his sites, its pretty clear that the Sadler PR machine had much pre warning that this was going to take place, unlike the PAYING members of the site. I guess its just too bad for those paying SFC fans who were coaxed to play in a 'members only' tournament with Sadler himself that won a '30 day free membership', just a couple of weeks ago. Chalk this up to another 'failed' venture in which Sadler claimed was 'going to be great'. Maybe it was, but short lived and once again, it is the fan that is being slighted.

The Great American Lager?
With the sale of Anheuser-Busch to InBev for a reported 52 billion dollars. There are already the mumblings the the new owners will be scaling back their advertising campaigns. A-B is probably the most recognized sponsor in any sport, be it football, baseball or even NASCAR. In the short term I can't see how this would effect the GEM 9 car team, but one has to wonder if GEM maybe sponsor searching a couple of years down the road.


Anonymous said...

So, once again, the Sadler PR machine fails to give any notification of any kind.I thought that PR should stand for PUBLIC Relations, not Private Remorse. I have seen commentary all over the net, from fans of many of the drivers who were 'principles' of the company, who received absolutely no notification of it being shut down.

What will Business Manager Dude say this time? "We didn't want to make a big deal out of it!" Wait, that has been heard before!

And by the way, the Sadler PR Machine has a habit of changing webmasters about every three years. We have now hit 2 and a half years with the current one. The Goatfish might want to be on his toes.

KIM said...

VLP closing is just a bad way to treat the fans/customers. No warning, no explanation, ripping us off by not honoring prizes won. You would think they would have had the courtesy to tell something to the people who had supported the site and tried to help it grow. I had to hear about it on this blog. I noticed the prize tourneys fading away, was a bad omen. I justed got billed for one month, I guess kiss it goodbye. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth for all parties involved.

Rodney King said...

Yeah it seems like the Bud PR people need a reality Check on how to do good PR. This is not a good look for BUD.

Anonymous said...

What in the world? How in the world is this a good business decision. Is there anything going on in the background that NASCAR fans don't know about?

Something is really screwy here!

Anonymous said...

I know I made this post on another blog. I wish I had made it here. My bad. I received quite a few e-mails from VLP after sending in my 2008 membership fee to the Sadler Fan Club. These pitches were sent repeatedly. I am so glad I never took the bait. Any venture that Mr.Sadler is involved with I would think twice about getting into myself. Seems any involvement by Sadler spells trouble.