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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tommy had a summer camp/barn party too!

Catch this other clip from the Rock opera, ‘Tommy’ that was sent to me this morning. (I really need to brush up on some of the great ‘60s classics), while it is not an event such as the Barn Party, there are similarities. Just a note, the following scene of the Rock Opera is titled “We’re not gunna take it”. Where the faithful get fed up with the chosen one's actions. (sound that irony alarm)

Since I have been allowing ‘anonymous’ comments I do sometimes not post them usually for language, or because of the ‘junior high schoolyard rhetoric, or because the comments simply are not applicable. The other day I received a comment on the blog “He’s a pin ball wizard” from ‘TrueFan’. In actuality, “ TrueFan’s” name is Kim from Louisiana and last time I was told, an officer in the Plaid19 Inc. What is ironic is that fact that I was actually taking up for Sadler in that particular blog (as well as Brett).

Here is her comment:

“You are a ******* . [edited due to vulgar content] You do not know what you are talking about most of the time. Who died and made you nascar god? You know, with fans like you, Sadler does not need any because you are far from what classifies as a fan. You try to talk like you know everything about all the tracks but you have no clue, especially since you haven't been to all the tracks. Why don't you try talking about another driver, do true Sadler fans a favor and become a non fan of Sadler and choose another driver to be a fan of so you can criticize them. Why are you always talking about Kool-aid, what is wrong with Kool-aid, it happens to a very well liked drink among kids and adults. I do not know why I wrote this because it will not be shown to the public because it actually expresses an honest opinion opposite of your own. You do not publish those that like Sadler, you only publish those that criticize him.”

Well, for starters, we now know the last paragraph of the clack attack is not a truthful statement. But I have been asked a few times from others about the ‘fanship’ of my driver, Elliott Sadler. I have stated numerous times and rarely criticize the on track performance of Sadler. His on track driving style and the way he races others is one of the primary reasons I became of fan of his in the first place over 10 years ago. However, I do draw the line in the sand and will point out errors or issues that have been made with Sadler’s off-track life styles. Yes, that also includes the way I perceive the treatment of his fans.

I don’t place an invisible force field around ‘my driver’ and turn a blind eye just because I claim to be a ‘true fan’. (What the heck is that anyway?) If one scans the innerweb, there are 100s of sites/blogs that also point out other’s perception of issues when it comes to ‘NA$CAR’ the ‘cheater 48 team’, FRANCECAR, or ‘the gay Jeff Gordon’ but for some reason, these people are still considered ‘fans’ and as long as one agrees with them, everything is fine.

The person making the comment above surely understands where the term drinking the Kool-aid comes from, as seen from this picture posted on their private message board. A board where they have plenty of mud to sling, but they hide behind the vial of secrecy, which of course is their right. This message board has even gone so far to have a complete section of their forum dedicated to this blog, while having other sections with similar views concerning the off-track stuff of Sadler. (someone that irony alarm again)

Remember this picture?
Yes, it originated from the same site, but also remember that it was this blog that pointed out that Josh Browne may have not been the real issue with how poorly the 19 car was running at the beginning of the 2007 season and no reason to use him as the scapegoat. Judging from the revelations GEM made midway in that season, it appears at the very least I was on the right track. Some where I have to think that Josh has a little snicker every time he looks at the points standings and see one of his cars is just 197 points from making the CHASE and seeing the 19 just 144 points from dropping out of the top 35 in owner points. Its just a feeling.

I don’t hide behind a double secret message board to express my views, whether they are positive or negative. My contact information is clearly stated, and Brett has even more of my personal information available to him due to a security breach from the Texas Motor Speedway. (Mr. Gossage was not very happy about this when he was informed as well). There has been a standing offer to the powers that be to submit any type of rebuttal to blogs posted here, but none have been received.

Not sure I have ever claimed to be an expert or a ‘God’ of Nascar, but like 99% of other NASCAR fans, I have an opinion. The majority of time that opinion is based upon my observations, be it TeeVee, print or live at the track just like anyone else. It may not always have a popular opinion with Sadler fans, but that doesn’t make that opinion less valid. I also wasn’t aware of the prerequisite of attending EVERY NASCAR track in order to have an opinion of them or even the drivers who race them. If that is the case, there are only a handful of people who should ever be able to opine about this sport.

Frank Burns from M*A*S*H fame said it best and it must apply to what Kim considers a ‘true fan’.

“Unless we all conform, unless we follow our leaders blindly, there is no possible way we can remain free.”
I refuse to conform, and follow blindly, yet I remain free and a fan.

One of the biggest and longest Dallas Cowboy 'homers' is WFAA's Sports Director, Dale Hanson. Judging from this rant below, and a few others, I guess he is not a 'true fan' for speaking his mind.

Someday the 19 (or what ever car Sadler is driving) may win a race again. I will cheer him on and hopefully I might even see this take place live. And if he continues with the treatment of his fans, make excuses for poor performances, blame others, or make poor PR choices, I will comment on those as well. As I don't ever want to show up at a race looking like this


Anonymous said...

That board you mention was created because of the censorship at SFC. Much to my dismay, it has become the very same place that they tried to run from. Its a power and control game, nothing more, nothing less.

I loved the WHO references. That is so dead on!!!!

I also remain a race fan on Sundays of Elliott, but can't stand the other fluff advertisements and programs he appears on. He needs to concentrate on racing.

theo said...

I must be out of the loop, I have never heard of this group. They sound like a "do as I say not as I do" group.

Anonymous said...

Sadler fans may care about Sadler, but they should realize and accept he does not give a rat's butt about any of them, YOU INCLUDED, MR. LUGNUT SHORT.

His life will go on and he will race, lose and screw up, no matter what. anyone thinls or says. he probably laughs at the thoughts, feelings and comments, all the way to the bank.

Stop drinking "The Kool Aid" and try some m & m's or something.

The "Best Buy" Guy is a lemon !

His spotter is a rotten egg.....

Anonymous said...

"Drink the Kool-aid"...is a reference to Jim Jones, someone who managed to talk a bunch of people into drinking the grape variety. If you are ignorant of that, then at least look it up on Wikipedia. While extreme, it gives reference to stupid acts being hailed as admirable, simply because a 'leader' declares them to be so.

And the reason they have a Super Duper Double Secret Plaid board, is that they had to take into hiding. Spotterman was telling a whole bunch of people that they had to stop the Sadler Bashing elsewhere in order to maintain their membership with SFC.

I could have sworn though, the Plaid Leader told her group to stop answering, or even paying attention, to this blog. She must be losing control of them!

It is probably time for her to line them back up again for some of the grape stuff!

Anonymous said...

If you have ever been to that laidbackracin site, there never have anything good to say about NA$CAR. They must not be true race fans either.

TrueFan said...

Oh give me a break, the laidbackracin site is full of great people that KNOWS racing and have been to and seen more races then you will ever get too!!! These people are not only nice they know there stuff, plus these people can say things good or bad about other drivers and there fav drivers and know it's in fun or because he may have just screwed up and needs to own up to it! If you don't like what there saying, just like here then DON"T GO THERE, duh !!!!

Kevin said...

So, where is it in the BLOG itself that the blogger made a negative comment about Laidback? I think that the only negativity about the LaidBack site I see is in one anonymous comment.

Laidback Racing is indeed a great site. I have used it several times for information about tracks that I plan to visit.

However, there are folks there that have opinions, and they editorialize. I don't agree with all of it, and I do agree with some of it. But that is the right of ANY person on the internet just as this blogger has the right to make comments, good or bad, about the driver he has followed for years.

I wonder though, if someone has a grudge against someone at the laidback site. That comment came out of nowhere!

And while it should not matter, Phil does have a pretty good travel record of tracks visited.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read a Mad Mikie's rants and Raves in years where he wasn't trashing Nascar in some form or another. But hey, its all in fun right? Kim you are just pissed cause you got outed once again. I'm betting DaDriver put you up to it though, so its all good.