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Friday, June 06, 2008

Countdown to the 'BIG MOVE'

Yes, there will be racing at Pocono this weekend come rain or shine. No, NASCAR has not accepted Goodyear rain tires for this weekend's racing. But whether it rains this weekend or not there still will be some of the 'best' racing and strategy seen in all of NASCAR.

This 'racing' is what the locals in the Pocono infield call the 'BIG MOVE'.

The 'BIG MOVE' in a nut shell, is a mad dash in the middle of the night for RVers and campers much like an Oklahoma Landrun, to stake their claims in the open infield area near Turn 1 and the Long Pond straightaway. These areas are gated shut till an unannounced time in the middle of the night, early Sunday morning of race day. There is little or no warning, but those wishing to get a prime spot must be on the look out from about midnight to about 4 in the morning. One just never knows when the lone gate will be opened.

RVers and campers will stealthily try to park their RVs near or have easy access to this gate. Some might think there is more strategy for the BIG MOVE than a Dega race and I probably would agree. From 'drafting partners' to spotters to blockers, you can see it all. Once opened, the dash begins and what a sight it is to see. RV drivers for some strange reason (may have something to do with the consumption of alcohol much of the night) all of the sudden feel that they now are in all terrain vehicles and go bounding sometimes 4 and 5 wide over the 'moguls' of the Pocono infield.I had the wonderful opportunity to witness this event first hand in 2004 and it probably is the most idiotic 'plan' I have seen at any track. But like most train wrecks, I stood from a semi safe distance, watched in awe and got a huge kick out of it. It is a sight to say the least.

I guess the track doesn't have a problem with this, and I am sure they have good justifications for it, but it is something unique. If you ever get a chance to see the 'BIG MOVE', it is worth staying up late the Saturday before a Pocono CUP race. Good luck BIG MOVERS, and hope everyone stays safe and may the best RV win!

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