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Monday, March 17, 2008

Remember the Speak-N-Spell?

Back in 1978 Texas Instruments came out with the ingenious toy call the Speak-N-Spell. Now one make be asking just what good would a Nascar Crew Chief do with such a child's toy, but seeing Elliott Sadler go through crew chief after crew chief, maybe a different approach might be needed and Texas Instruments might be able to help. Or even Best Buy for that matter.

We have come to know (and some love) what is now being called 'Sadlereese' . 'Sadlereese' is the common but unique southern draw and accent of the driver of the 19 car. But maybe the problems Sadler has had the past 4 or so years is not that the CC is not listening to Sadler's feedback, but that can't 'hear' it. Remember the great words of Sidney Dean in "White Men Can't Jump"?

"Look man, Your can listen to Jimi but you can't hear him. There's a difference man. Just because your listening to him doesn't mean you're hearing him."

RodneyChilders, here is a quick reference or cheat sheet might help out with the 19 team's communication: or in 'Sadlereese' - commuunikayshun

The car, the team, hard work and happy -- The cah, the teyuhm, haarrd wuurk an hayuhppy

Motorcoach playing X-Box -- Motuhcowuhch playuhn Ehx-baawkx

You got me, birdman? -- Ya gowuht me, birdmayuhn?

10-4 -- Teyuhn-fowuh

The car doesn’t like this set of tires…-- The cah duhsn’t liike this seyuht of tahrs…

Were these the same set of codes?? -- Were theyse th’ sayuhm seyuht of cowduhs??

Go back to the way it was before -- Go bayuhk to the waay it wuuz befowuh

This is by far the worst the car has been all weekend -- This is bah fawuh the wuust the cah has beyuhn all weekeyuhnd…

You the man, Brett -- You da mayuhn Breyuhtt.

Football -- foowbaawuh?

Please, Please, Please, what ever you do, don’t make the car any looser! -- Puh-leeuhze, Puh-leeuhze, Puh-leeuhze, whut evah ya do, dowuhn’t mayuhk th’ cah eeny loowsuh!

Track position is going to be really really important --Trayuhk powzehshuhn gonna be reyuhlly reyuhlly impowduhnt

Top 10 car -- Tawuhp teyuhn cah

The guys on the team worked really really hard --The gauhs owhn da teyuhm wuhkuhd reyuhlly reyuhlly haawuhd

Really really bad luck -- Reyhully reyuhlly bayuhd luukh

I’m looking forward to next weekend -- Ahm luukin’ fowwaad ta neyuhxt weykeyuhd…

Emporia – Empowreeuh

Charlotte – Shawlawuht

Best Buy – Bess’Baauh

Stanley – Stayuhnlayuh

Siemens - Seemiins

Dodge - Daawuhgh

Coca Cola – Caouwkuh Couwluh

Allstate – Allstaayuh

Nascar – Naascah

Gillette Evernham Motorsports – G’lett Evernhayuhm Mowtuhspowuhts

Elliott & Hermie Sadler Foundation – Elleeyut ayun’ Huhrmee Saaluh Fowuhdayshun

VLP - Victorhy Layuhn Playuhs Cluuhb

Poker - Powkuh

Sheridan Ridge – Sheruhdun Rayuhdge

Woods – wuuds

Springs – sprayuhngs

Shocks – shaawuhks

Car of Tomorrow – cah uh tomawwuh

Bump stop – buhhump staawuhp

Spring rubber – sprayuhng ruhhbuhh

Track bar - Traak bawuh

Wedge – Weyuhdge

tight - tyuht

Loose - Loowuhs

Center off - Cennuh owuhff

10-4 -- Teyuhn-fowuh

Wheel chatter - Wheeuhl chayttuh

Forward bite - Fowaad biite

Wheel hop – whayle haawuhp

Or if worse comes to worse, maybe the 19 team can just start listening to Jimi. Rodney you really can hear him!


Anonymous said...

Laffuyun owhaut lowahhd!

Anonymous said...

Ya know! As much as you think Spotterman hates you, you guys would probably would make great friends. You both have the same tastes in TV shows, Movies, and stuff. I bet you two even drink the same beer now in then. But what do I know!

The only question is where are the Stucci brothers when ya need them?

Anonymous said...

I can handle the "Hillbilly Speak".
If only ESad would drive better...
Something or somebody is always wrong, but never him.

It must be really hard to always be perfect. But then, he has "Spotterman" to remind him of how wonderful life is.......

Anonymous said...

Hey, to be fair, spotterman never once told Elliott, nor did Elliott ask about the UNC/Clemson game during the race...GO TARHEELS!!!!


Anonymous said...

So you're saying everyone but Rodney is able to understand Elliott? I doubt Rodney would appreciate you calling him stupid.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs their own Speak and Spell cause they missed the past 4 or so years comment.

I bet you can't hear Jimmy either.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love when the plaid comes to rescue. Glass houses, glass houses and those Best Buy Chronicles.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying everyone but Rodney is able to understand Elliott? I doubt Rodney would appreciate you calling him stupid.

No, but think how much more success all of Elliott's previous crew chiefs MIGHT have had if they had this handy little Speak n Say...

Anonymous said...

Dude, did you proof the non-Sadlerese section of your blog before posting? Don't think I've ever seen the spelling be so bad! LOL

Charlie Turner said...

I never realized how much Sadler sounds like Cleveland Brown from "The Family Guy". Maybe Elliott is moonlighting doing voice-overs. Funny stuff, man.

Anonymous said...

Once when Sadler was asked what he does on his weekends off in the Cup series,Elliott said he gets lazy but he pronounced "lazy" like "layuhzy". I'm sure Sadler and Waahd Buhton(Ward Burton) understand each other well,though Ward never whines and is a class act all the way.