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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Cat in the Tin Foiled Hat!

A little over a week ago, Elliott Sadler attempted to throw some grenades at the 99 team and Roush Racing in general for ‘oil lid gate’. The problem was that he would not actually lay his cards on the table and give his ‘reasoning’ for his accusations and I pointed that out in this blog. While I defended Roush as far as there has been no evidence sited there was a premeditated attempt to violate Nascar rules, it seems that Jack has once again fallen into the bluff or posturing trap without presented the evidence.

Earlier this week, Roush threw another volley where he claimed that an "un-named Toyota team had acquired a proprietary part". Now first off this actually might be true, but I do have some problems with the way Jack is presenting and handling this situation. It is more ‘WWF’ (Where is Hermie Sadler when you need him?) and grandstanding then trying to go through proper channels and get this taken care of. Maybe Jack should challenge Lee White to a no holds bared cage match, and Hermie could promote it!!! Think of the possibilities. But I digress.

Jack has a history of claiming foul only to be thwarted and his accusations being shot down. How many times in the late 90s did he claim that the 24 team was tampering with the tires late in races? Jack also seems to have a personal problem with Toyota and has made every attempt to rally support even going so far as to invoke ‘Nationalism’ and Pearl Harbor. We are talking about a person who once paid an employee of his in Japanese Yen because that employee drove a Datsun to work everyday.

The timing of all of this just seems a bit strange to me. Why did Jack wait almost three weeks to mention this? That answer is quite obvious though because he had other damage control to take care of with ‘oil lid gate’. Even though he once again still tried to deflect the attention back at Toyota with another ‘un-named’ claim that "other Toyota teams were guilty of Michael Waltrip’s ‘Jet Fuel gate’ and they too should have been punished".

Why not name either those teams, or even this part stealing team now? That answer is simple, Jack and his organization might be thrown into a tailspin of a lawsuit. Jack if you really do have the evidence you say you do, go all in and force the hand of Toyota, until you do, this is just another example of your paranoia of Tokyo Rose.

And lastly, I wonder how Jack feels about Fenway Sports Group, owners of the Boston Redsox and their opening day pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka or even worse, the opening day game winning pitcher, Hideki Okajima. After all, isn't baseball "America's game"?


Marc said...

As you may of may not know I placed Jacks ramblings squarely within the foil hat arena.

However Toyota's Jim Aust has fleshed out the story.

He admits a Roush "spring" somehow was "discovered on a table with other Toyota parts" and it was returned to Roush.

Frankly, Robin Pemberton specking for NASCAR is full of beans!

Saying they, meaning NASCAR, "don't get in the middle of team squabbles" is not passing the buck, it's not even placing a hand on it.

Anonymous said...

Parts get misplaced and the wrong team gets them all the time. If Jack has magic springs, he should keep better tabs on them. The close confines of the garage and tech areas is a recipe for this type of thing happening.

Jack is just crying wolf.