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Friday, August 17, 2007

What a difference a year makes?

Actually, when it comes to the “Southern Gentleman’s” on track performance, not much.

It was just one short year ago when Sadler formally cut the cord by leaving his ‘dream job’ and jumped on the Evernham bandwagon.

“It’s truly an honor to drive for Dodge and Ray Evernham and to be a part of this team. I admired Ray as a crew chief and now as a team owner and business leader. His operation is impressive. When you look at the engineering resources, the talented guys on the team, the marketing programs, the facilities and the way he and his directors run things, you can tell that this is a powerhouse organization that is focused on winning races and championships. I look forward to providing some of those wins and hopefully competing with Kasey and Scott for the championship next year.” -- Elliott Sadler 8-15-06

Looking at the numbers and the justifications Sadler gave for leaving RYR, one has to wonder if the “Southern Gentleman’s” internal clock is ticking once again to bolt to another team.
This time last year, Sadler took the driver seat of a race team that was 34th in owner points and while the 19 team as a whole has improved that position somewhat, the on track results are actually worse than what Sadler was achieving with RYR. The “Southern Gentleman” was not ‘happy’ with the result in 2006 with the 38 RYR team and made this justification.

"They're great, great people, and I've definitely enjoyed driving for those guys, but pretty much we have just come to differences of opinions on which way the sport is going. I couldn't really make myself buy into the system and which way I think the company is going. So we just decided to split ways and do something different." Elliott Sadler 7-22-06

In 2006 with RYR, Sadler had an average starting position of 17.5 and an average finishing position of 23.1 while completing 92% of the total possible laps (20th in driver points standings). Not stellar numbers by any means, but when you compare them to the 2007 Evernham numbers of an average starting position of 19.6, an average finishing position of 24.3 while completing 96.9% of the total possible laps (20th in driver points) the similarities are striking.

We have all heard the excuses owner Ray Evernham has recently made, and the may or may not be justified. But the ‘Southern Gentleman’ seems to be more motivated by the end results, and little has changed in terms of end results in a year.

Now the real question is will Sadler revert back to his old ways and 'media speak' and start to spin his web. One doesn't have to look far to see his work unfold. Compare these quotes to recent Sadler quote and quotes to come. Its like Deja Vu all over again, or is it?


Anonymous said...

Why do you spend your energy on bad mouthing Elliott Sadler? If you were doing that bad at a team, wouldn't you try to do something to better yourself? He can't help they got a new nose and different Goodyear tires. I think you need to spend your time writing about something worthwhile. You could piss alot of us fans off. I happen to love Elliott no matter what. I am a 'true' hardcore fan of his!!!

EP said...

Good God, not the true fan crap again! Excuses are like A$$holes, everyone has them and they all stink. Goodyear tires change every year, and Penske isn't having any trouble with the new Dodge nose, and who forced them to change it in the first place?

But using your own words, from the stats the blogger sited, Sadler is actually doing WORSE than he was when he left Yates, so by your line of thinkin, Sadler should be trying to better himself and find another ride now.

Anonymous said...

Well, Anonymous, let's see, Lugnut sites other subjects in his blog. I don't see you responding to the Dallas Traffic, the Buyout & Mergers article, the NASCAR vs other sports in TV Land, or the Michael Vick articles. Sensitivity for TRUE FANS is evidently subject-centered.

What is a TRUE FAN anyway? My recent lurking on the internet discovers the TRUE FANS of Sadler take many forms. Some are content to watch from afar, and enjoy the racing. Some participate in message boards, and chat rooms. Some create fictional stories with their favorite driver as the focus. Some will criticize a driver's issues with the seriousness of an investors, but then claim "It is all in fun!" Others are far more serious about their comments, but only because they are worrying their way through the problems.

Other fans are scary. Those so-called TRUE FANS actually have identities that are tied up solely with their driver. They make up stories about knowing the driver's family. They make up fake relationships with the driver. They even post 'know it all' information on message boards that tell the world about the personal life of the driver and his girlfriend, all in the name of 'I am a true fan, and it is my right to know."

This lugnut dude may be short one of his lugs, or may even be a nut. However, he cites sources and facts. Judging from the blogs over the last several months, he is still a Sadler fan, but one that has his eyes wide open. I would put him in the True Fan category, because he obviously still likes this driver, because he would not be so interested in him! The only difference is that Lugnut is not wearing his Rose Colored Glasses! Something that you might consider removing off of your shortsighted nose. Or...you might consider growing some thicker skin.....

vroom said...

I truly enjoyed ES when he vroomed in the Wood Brothers #21!!!

Anonymous said...

Sadler with the Wood Brothers, when he was a race car driver, not some track side image and act. His results with the Wood Brothers were not the best, but his focus sure was more on the track, and not stage diving and bean balls. Those days are long gone I guess.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, 'true-hardcore fan' and 'adult' are not always synonymous! The comment from 'ep' rings true: it's usually the ones who spout off about being a 'true' fan and are critical others' opinions that turn out to be the same ones who pretend to be Sadler's secret girlfriend!