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Thursday, January 08, 2009

What I have learned from Florida sports radio this morning

gunna try blogging via the greatness of the blackberry, hope the formating works.

live from south beach (and when did southbeach go topless?)

here is what the guys on 790theTicket have to say:

florida's defense will shut down oklahoma.
tim tebow is god and there is no way oklahoma can stop this offense.

some think Utah is more deserving and may be a better match up.

the big 12 is mediocre as usual...the bowl season proved that.

they have been predicting scores of 49-24, 49-17, 35-14, 55-21 today...nobody and I mean nobody has picked Oklahoma
oklahoma has no shot at staying in this game...they have never faced the speed like this.

urban meyer will out coach bob stoops.

dominique franks is an idiot...he basically gave oklahoma the kiss of death by talking trash about tim tebow


btw, side note: sooner fans are everywhere in south Beach, maybe a 4 to 1 ratio. i guess the gator fans are driving down as we speak. off to do some tailgating and to the stadium. see ya later alligator!

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