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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spotterman speaks his mind

Spotterman makes another appearance on SFC and add his two cents about last week’s Dover race, the COT and college football. What is interesting about his opinions is that he falls for one of the most common ironies of Nascar fans. That is the double standard of ‘criticism’. This double standard is lumping a lot of independent issues and blaming some broad entity, in this case Nascar (usually spelled NA$CAR) Its a lot like blaming ‘big oil’ for every cent price increase of a gallon of gas. Then conversely walking on eggshells with his criticism of his beloved South Carolina Gamecocks football team. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Here is a portion of Spotterman’s opinion of the Dover race and the COT in a thread he titled ‘BORING Race’:

“Obviously the last 50 laps or so were interesting due to all of the wrecks but how did you all feel about the first 350? I have never been so bored on the roof in my life! These guys aren't able to race hard in these cars. Give them some downforce, some softer tires and let's go racing. This is like watching a John Deere race.”

While there is little doubt that this past Dover race was a snoozer, laying blame on the COT and Goodyear might be a little bit misleading, especially considering the history of this track.

1) Dover’s first Cup race was in 1969 and was only 300 laps (300 miles). This race also must have been ‘boring’ with only 4 cautions and only ONE car finishing on the lead lap. (The 2nd place car finished 6 laps down)
2) Two years later in 1971 the race went from 300 laps (300 miles) to 500 laps (500 miles) and went caution free. Once again, only one car finishing on the lead lap.
3) Dover changed the racing surface from Asphalt to Concrete in 1995 from 1969 to 1994 the average number of cars finishing on the lead lap was less the 3 cars per race.
4) From 1995 to present with the Concrete surface the average number of cars finishing on the lead lap is just a little over 9 cars per race.
5) In all of the Dover races, the average cars finishing on the lead lap are just over 5 cars per race.

So maybe, just maybe the problem is not the COT or Goodyear, but the nature of the track itself. Would a softer tire make for a more ‘racier’ car? Probably, but are you willing to trade that for more tire failures? One has to just flashback a few years ago when Goodyear under Nascar’s blessing went to softer tires, and the teams whined after each failure. Then this issue is compounded by the fact that Dover races have a history of long green flag runs, thus making tire wear an even more of a priority.

Later in the thread however, Spotterman shifts gears and give an opinion on South Carolina Football. He expresses his displeasure over the loss to LSU (maybe the best team in the country right now though) with this comment:

“I can honestly say we were out-coached, in my opinion. Turnovers by the players definitely hurt us but that has to be the worst game Spurrier has ever coached since he came to South Carolina. He pulled the starting QB, didn't play the back that was so dominant on the first scoring drive and was asleep on the FG attempt, which with the fake led to a touchdown.”

Every one of these statements/opinions are fair and even justified. But then ironically Spotterman feels some need to quantify his statement with this:

“I am not bashing a team or coach I support just stating my displeasures on that particular game. There's always next week and in the end... Who am I to be a Monday morning quarterback? I'm no one which is why I'll remain a fan and let the folks that know how to make NCAA football exciting do their jobs. We could all rant and rave when our teams don't do well but if you haven't walked in their shoes you need to lace your shoes up and zip it. I'm lacing and zipping as I type... You either support a team or you don't.”

The irony is that for some reason his opinion about the COT and Goodyear is justified and ‘okay’, yet on the other hand his displeasures of the Gamecock effort need some back peddling as in is own words, he is ‘just a fan’ and that he should ‘and let the folks that know how to make NCAA football exciting do their jobs’. For some reason, this doesn’t apply to Nascar, and thus the irony. You either support Nascar or you don’t…right?

But Spotterman is not alone as this is very common among Nascar fans. (Myself included) While I don’t agree with his opinion of ‘fixing’ the COT, his opinion is noted. And he is probably dead on about the Gamecocks and their head coach, as in the coming games and years as they will experience much success.


and oh yea….BOOMER SOONER!!!!!

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