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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Tin Foiled Hat Theories

This past weekend was at best what one could call a ‘low water mark’ in terms of TeVee and sports broadcasts. But that doesn’t mean I spent a lot of the weekend doing lawn work! Here are a few observations:

The British Open
Before Tiger Woods had even finished the front nine of the third round on Saturday, he had pretty much taken himself out of any realistic contention to win the Open, but one thing struck me. EVERY (yes every) shot of his for the remainder of the tournament was broadcast and it was usually live. For years we have heard the complaints about Nascar broadcasts and how that ‘even if JR is running in the mid 30s and a lap down’ that the networks will give him coverage over other drivers. The reason for this is pretty simple in both cases. Both are arguably the most popular figure in their respected sport and increased coverage of either will help ratings, which also helps advertising. One can’t blame the networks or governing body for that.

Speaking of Networks though. The British Open was broadcast on ABC and because of the needed play-off ran while over the scheduled allotment. What was ABC's solution? Move the regularly schedule IRL race to ESPN. While on the surface it was probably the best decision but I wonder what might happen when ABC/ESPN take over the race broadcasts and the two traditional 'Saturday Night' races at Bristol and Richmond are effected by the late afternoon college football schedule that they both televise. Talk about a powder keg ready to explode. 'Heidi' anyone?

‘Fixed games’ in the NBA?
So, NBA referee Tim Donaghy is being investigated by the FBI for betting on games that he was an in game official. Maybe the worst black eye any sport can have is some sort of scandal that involves ‘fixing’ or altering the outcome of games under the grounds of biased officiating. Now there is speculation that the NBA was questioning this official’s ‘gambling habits’ over a year ago, yet was still allowed to officiate games. How many times over the recent years the conspiracy theorists propose that ‘Nascar is fixed’, yet in the history of the sport, not on person has been investigated or shown to have had personal gain from such actions? And more important, no ex-official has made that claim that they saw someone else intentional make a call to alter the out come of a race. Looks like the NBA is going to have to answer some hard questions in the near future about the integrity of their league. Just look at who was officiating game 3 of the San Antonio/Phoenix series and the ‘calls’ in that game, and more importantly, the official making those ‘questionable calls’. Chances are (and this will all come out if true) Donaghy had the ‘Spurs –4 and the OVER 201 points’.

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vroom said...

So true about the Tiger and Junior analogy....