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Friday, July 28, 2006

Note to Elliott Sadler............................... The Times........................... they are a changin! and so is this long time race fan

It was just a little over two years ago I wrote an article on Catchfence.com in which I praised Elliott Sadler, the driver that I had followed since the '97 season and his team's great attitude and frankly, most everything associated with Elliott at that time. I wrote this article after seeing him win a race live at TMS, and the last thing on my mind back then was that it just very well maybe the last opportunity to see that again. My what can change in such a short time.

But what really has changed for the 'Southern Gentleman'? A few observations from one of his original fans.

* All his life he has rarely had to endure much real adversity and it shows today. A common theme with the Sadlers is the 'its not my fault’ syndrome. We saw it with his older brother and his continual sponsorship issues, and we saw it with Elliott with his Wood Brothers departure, and are seeing it today with RYR. We even hear it with the almost weekly whining about the car's perfomance.

* While there is little to complain about the work of his spotter on race days, the job that the very same person does as 'personal manager' leaves one scratching their heads. It seems that like the driver, winning a couple of races, and a few poles has gone to their collective heads. And sadly when they don’t get the value for an item that they have put for sell on Ebay, there is always 'spotter38' there to shill the bid and jack that price up. Note to Brett, if you are going to commit such an illegal act, at the very least come up with a name that won’t connect you.

* To go along with the above, there is the ever-present ruse of 'a portion will go to charity' excuse. Not only were the guidelines of Ebay Charitable Sales not followed, and when legitimate questions by your own fan club members concerning this auction, the deflections and sweeping under the carpet was so prevalent that the very place that the item was advertised had to be censored and eventually shut down. (Of course, to be re-opened later for a posting privilege fee) If there was nothing to hide, then why was this needed?

* Even the Elliott and Hermie Sadler Foundation itself were questioned by a number of SFC members and to my knowledge not one of those legitimate and legal questions were answered. In fact, the spin Brett via email put on this was 'if you are a true fan of Elliott, you know about his foundation'. That is an interesting way of putting it Brett. In other words, you want members of the SFC to blindly drink the Kool-aid you and Elliott serve up. While that maybe fine for 'huge fans' (as Brett put it), but for others who actually want to know where their charitable donations go, that dog just won't hunt. Sadly what Brett didn't have the smarts to understand, was that almost every 'foundation information' question asked, the answers were available at www.give.org and www.guidestar.org/. The fact that Brett refused to disclose this information speaks volumes for the deceptiveness and nature of these fund-raising tactics. Months after the Ebay auction and the transaction had been completed, Brett could not (or would not) answer just what was the exact percentage of the gross sale that actually went to the Foundation. Even today, this question has been refused to be answered.

* Along with the above of course there is the 'greed' factor. As far as I can tell, the preliminary price for being a 'true Sadler fan' is 15 bucks ($20 if you have a family) and this get you what? For starters a nice little 'bag of stuff' usually comprised of surplus fan club items. But it doesn't stop there! One also gets the privilege of reading and posting on one of the most censored and Czarist moderated message boards ever seen since the days of the BBSs. And wait, there’s more!!!! Now we see that by paying this fee, one gets the opportunity to pay even more money to actually meet the Southern Gentleman for a 15 minute 'Q&A'. Gee, where is the line for that? For the right fee, yes, one can be a 'true fan' of Elliott. (and like always, a 'portion will go to charity')

* The Southern Gentleman really only had one rule when it came to his Fan Club, and that was to "leave Elliott's private and personal life alone". Who can really complain about wanting that? Seems very reasonable to me, until the public post and even a write up on the Fan Club website promoting Elliott's official 'MY SPACE' account. Brett, did you really think this one out? It is understandable that you wanted to get rid of the 'fake' MS Elliott accounts, but you had no clue that you could have done that without signing up for an account. The simple fact is that you and Elliott got sucked into the MS world and by doing that (along with your other few of Elliott's 'incognito' accounts) have opened Pandora's box concerning Elliott's private life. From the 'doesn't drink' comment to the 'its all about the Benjamins' comment only further fuels the fire that this Southern Gentleman is a lot less honest than we have been led to believe. (BTW, that is a really flattering picture of you and Jamie Mac posing at the lake. For someone that doesn’t drink, Elliott, you sure do hold that bottle of Bud well)

* So now in 7 short years, not only has Elliott broke not one, but two contractual agreements with his car owner(s). Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. This season and with your recent exit announcement, I will judge you just as I judged the driver whose seat you took. You both have about the same amount of integrity these days; remember all the 'I am happy at RYR' comments? You should be able to, after all you made them just a few months ago. Like the former driver, you strung out your owner with public comments, yet your actions spoke a different tune. Where is Larry Lacky when you need him? You know, someone that might knock some sense into you. But keep that water bottle ready at all times! Just in case.

As much as it pains me to say, (this is coming from a fan that can tell you the car you passed in the final few laps to earn your first 'top ten' finish in your rookie season) you should be removed from your 'dream job' post-haste, as not only your sponsor, race team and yes, your fans, deserve more of an effort than what your are willing to offer. It maybe 'all about the Benjamins' to you and your spotter, but I would rather be a fan of a driver struggling to stay on the lead lap who has some honesty and integrity, than one that speaks with a forked tongue. Some day you may understand that and someday 'quiet confidence' may return as well. But I am not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought I was the only one who thought this way!

But I have noticed a bunch of stuff dissing Elliott in the last week. It may well be that his carefully manufactured "Aww Shucks,I am just a good ole bologna burger eating deer hunting country bumpkin persona is really one of Greed, Gluttony, and Party Boy! I can't help but think that all of the visits to Lollipops in Daytona have had a negative impact on his driving. Yo! Elliott, copious quantaties of alcohol the night before a race will impair you driving ability! That wheel chatter you keep complaining about? Must be from the woozy hangover head!

Good riddance! Yates and M&Ms MUST be feeling better! Go David Gilliland!

Dena said...

I don't understand him. This was his dream ride.He kept talking about how he wanted to be a leader, and help Yates racing get back to the top.

Then suddenly, he is dumping them.

But, what other contract did he get out of? I am a new racing fan, and I don't know all of the history. I do know I like M&Ms. So do my kids. My kids are very upset right now. They are disappointed about the Candy Man.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment, here's another in a similar vein:

Anonymous said...

You are so right and I agree with everything you said EXCEPT one thing...that's not Jamie McMurry in the pic you posted but a guy named Mitch...though there are other pics in My Space land with Jamie drinking (LOL)

Mark said...

Sounds like he pissed off a lot of his fans. As Dean Wormer once said :Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Sadgal said...

I know what you mean about the fan club package. I belong to several fan clubs, and his was by far the worst of any of them. Not only was it pathetic, it also was not the same from fan member to fan member. I won't join again.

And the joke of a Fan event, called the Barn Party. Wow! you can see his dogs! Woot! And for an EXTRA $25.00 you can be called a VIP and get his autograph and his brother's. Another big whoopie!

Where will Sadler land for next year? He can land on the moon for all I care!

Letha_Face said...

Where do you get these myspace or whatever pics of sadler and mcmurray drinking?

Marc said...

You would know more about the fondation refered to than I. Because frankly I could care less, 90% plus are nothing more than tax dodges.

Secondly, why cry about some ignorant "fan club?" Who cares? Really.

And lastly is this:

"So now in 7 short years, not only has Elliott broke not one, but two contractual agreements with his car owner(s)."

Nice revision of history that. What contracts did Sadler break? At the end of his Woods Bros. contract in 2002 both DEI (for the #1 car) and RYR (#38 renamed from the #28) expressed an interst in Sadler.

The contract wasn't "broken," it expired and he left.

When deos the current RYR/Sadler contract expire?

That's right after this season when Sadler moves on to another team.

Contract "broken?"

Not hardly.

Get over it!

Jamie said...

Revisionist history? Try lack of history.

Sadler signed a 3 year extension last summer. Go look at Jayski it's very easy to see. You know research, fact finding etc.

Sadler begged out of his Wood Brothers contract even offering to forfeit all of his race winnings in 2002 if they would let him out. His contract was not up.

Anonymous said...

Sadler had 3 years left on his Wood Brothers contract when he asked for and received his release.
"He spoke of the Sadler's request for a release, which will set the driver free after the season, three years before the contract was scheduled to end."

fast forward to last season when Sadler signed a 3 year contract extension.
"M&M'S Chocolate Candies announced today that it has extended its current contract with Robert Yates Racing (RYR) and driver Elliott Sadler as the primary sponsor on the No. 38 Ford Taurus through the 2008 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series season."

history lession over Marc

Dena said...

Thank you very much for the information. I did not know that Elliott had asked for and been released from a previous contract.

I guess it does not make him look too reliable.

Ren Jonsin said...

The owners have to take some responsibility too. Neither Yates nor the Wood Bros. provided Sadler with the quality ride that would take him to a championship.

If Yates continues along the same vein as the Wood Brothers, Sadler was smart to take advantage of a poorly written contract and get out when he did.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil....nice piece of info. I guess now I know hwat happened.

Nice to know you are still out there and kickin'

chris9n (from the RRFF and ES board)

Emma said...

Seems like it's just another case of a spoiled mamma's boy being given everything he ever wanted.

I was a huge Sadler fan because of his great attitude in the face of a crap season and his great rapport with his fans but his consistent *woes me* bs sickens me now.

Grow a pair, Elliott, and own up to the fact that you just might not be up to snuff.

Anonymous said...

Honestly dude, if you don't care then why are you surfing myspace for this stuff and in all honesty what does it matter to you if he has a drink on a lake some where... It's a beer. You have a beer in your profile pic -- is that a double standard or a heathen? I'm not sure which... get a life. If you knew any of his circumstances to his contracts maybe you could comment but in all honesty you've probably never seen an athletes contract. I'm not a nascar fan but a friend sent me a link that said look at how some idiots go overboard.... she is a country music fan and nascar fan and can't wait to go to the barn...

okla21fan said...

I don't surf MYSPACE, in fact, I don't have an account. I have no problems with Elliott drinking either. I do have issues with the untruthfulness of his 'public persona'. Little E doesn't hide it, why should Elliott?

I'll have a beer just like the next guy. But the difference between Elliott and I, as I don't LIE about it. And that seems to be a common theme with him and his 'handlers' these days. The untruthfulness goes far behind a MS account(s).

I do hope you enjoy your time 'at the barn', heaven knows you paid enough for it.

Andy said...

Holy cow!!!!

The My-Space thing is peanuts compared to the other stuff. If some anonymous person wants to key on that, well, that is okay. What about the rest of the 80% of what the blogger is saying?

I remember the "official" Elliott My-Space announcements on the Sadler Fan Club as well, and wondered about them and what the purpose was. I guess I was not the only one. Does Belle know about this? If she did I am thinking she is really proud of her son these days. Or maybe not

Drinking is not the problem here, its honesty.

The blogger made a reference to Ricky Rudd and I Don't agree with that, but there is no doubt that Elliott has problems right now.

Make it personel all you want, but this is pretty serious in my mind as well.

Beth said...

First, SADLER was the one who decided to do the myspace thing, and then he had his webmaster post the link on the Sadler Website. And wowie! When, duh...the site got bombarded with comments, especially about his 'friends' it was shut down. He now hides under pseudonyms.

It was a typical case of 'doing' without 'thinking'. They switched management of the site without informing the board members, and were suprised when their moderation team all quit. Like when a shirt was suddenly posted on ebay with the words that some of the money would go to charity. I remember that mess from before the board got shut down.

And, for heavens sake, you comments about myspace? Is that all you could pic out of there? Nothing else?

I too hope you enjoy that Barn party! I am sure it will be fun and charming. But, at some point, all of the brand new bandwagoneers are going to fall off, once they realise their hero does not REALLY care about them.

Mike said...

Yeah, enjoy that barn party, especially the "dog viewing". Oh boy!

Stan Hall said...

Intriguing blog to say the least!

Sounds to me like Sadler no longer treats his fan club members as FANS supporting Elliott, but more like CUSTOMERS!

tallglassofmilk said...

Heh. You should hear the stories I hear from the ladies about this southern gentleman.

They say not so much...

3eyedrebel said...

Phil – I’m sorry you have such a low opinion of Sadler’s fans. Contrary to your opinion, the majority aren’t myopic, mindless sheep blindly following a deified wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some, if not many, have enough common sense to realize that the guy is not next in line for canonization after Mother Theresa.

I’m amazed, frankly. You, and few of Elliott’s VERY vocal “former” fans were obviously those who at one point considered themselves insiders. You seem to have a VERY thorough knowledge of his personal life; as well as his financial, family and business relationships. How fortunate. Many (if not most) of his fans do not have the wherewithal, the time, the access -- or particularly the desire to delve as deeply as you have into those areas of a drivers’ life.

Your in-depth investigations have proven but one thing. Under the hood, Elliott Sadler is human. He is a celebrity who, for obvious reasons, has taken measure to protect his privacy from those obsessive few who, for a variety of reasons, feel they have been excluded and have an axe to grind; and from those who would like to use any and every tidbit of unremarkable trivia to retaliate for some perceived offense.

Did you expect a driver who is sponsored by a kid-friendly candy product to stand up and announce his favorite liquor? The guy likes to engage in a bit of risqué chat on Myspace under a pseudonym without the chains of celebrity? Wow – I’m appalled. Has a girlfriend? I'm shocked! Legally extracted himself from racing teams that weren’t providing the tools needed for consistent wins? Oh, gosh – how hideous!

The last time I checked, a Business Manager is an individual who manages business so the driver doesn’t have to. If you have a beef with his Manager about a flaky shirt auction – take it up with the manager, and if you have proof of an illegal act – notify the proper authorities who can resolve such an issue. The general public is not the proper authority (unless you have an alternate agenda)!

You seem to be aghast that a FAN CLUB message board became limited to only dues-paying FANS? That accusatory posts were not answered in a public FAN forum? How dare they! The internet is free. If you do not care to become a member of the fan club – start your own board. Oh, seems that’s been done – the result is a gaggle of self-righteously indignant individuals who gleefully boast of their carefully planned verbal attacks on the original board. These folks will cry “Injustice” over a $15 dollar membership fee – yet they gladly pay it for the right to attack and ridicule the members thereon? Now THERE’S honesty for ya!!

$25 for an autograph? Great price if you don’t care to stand in line in 3-digit heat for 7 hours (if you get a wristband). Funny – all those thousands of “sheep” in line don’t seem fazed by the evil spectre of Elliott having a beer. $50 for a VIP pass to a FAN CLUB event might not hold worth for one who simply wants a 15 minute Q&A and a signed 5x7 – but to those who look forward to meeting on-line friends from other states, those who enjoy gathering with others who share their passion, those who want to enjoy an interesting and memorable weekend -- $50 is DAMN cheap! It’s not about an autograph, Phil. Sorry.

If you no longer support Elliott Sadler, why not take the higher moral path? Simply stop showing your support! Screaming “foul” from the parapets smacks of sour grapes. Realize that many find it amusing that the very individuals who proselytize the gospel of integrity are those who are busy seem to possess so little themselves.

Bob said...

Anoyone that would stand SEVEN hours in three digit heat for anything, needs to have their head examined. Talk about a lack of priorities!

Gotta love sunshine pumpers, let alone the rest of the Bologna being served up.

Merri said...

[quote]These folks will cry “Injustice” over a $15 dollar membership fee – yet they gladly pay it for the right to attack and ridicule the members thereon? Now THERE’S honesty for ya!![/quote]

Gee! I do believe I have been slammed!
Susan, if I have been attacking and ridiculing ANY member on that board, why have I not heard about it from the webmaster?

No matter what you think about the former members of the board, they are fans that feel slighted by the actions of the Sadlers. Since you admit in one of your many, many blogs "OK, so I'm an obsessive, addictive personality." you might want to invest in glasses other than rose colored. And, there is medication that can help out with the obsessive disorders.

I think it is interesting that many of the comments on this blog are from folks who are not former members. Check out some of the other sites, you will find that not all are deeply immersed in Sadler.

And BTW....what do you know about Russian IP addresses?

Anonymous said...

You know I have to agree if you don't care for Elliott then don't waste time talking about it leave. I too wonder why those who hate him SOOOO much continue to let his name fall out of their mouths if I don't like something I tend to LEAVE IT ALONE. No you would rather waste your time digging dirt and spouting off. I love it you must have much more time than I do. And I agree you complain about money and then spend it just to come over and try to cause grief for those in the SFC who are there because they want to be. Do you honestly think it is adult to plot against another board to see what havock you can cause? Shoot I had higher goals for myself when I grew up.

EP said...


Do you really think the blogger was ragging on Sadler fans?

I am a member of SFC, at least until the year runs out and I don't feel the least bit of being attacked by this opinion. I may or may not agree with it, but the blogger brings up some good and pertinent points.

Take the Sadler vision glasses off, Elliott has done some pretty stupid stuff over the past year, and it might be different if his race results were better. But sadly, we know what the performance has been on the track this season. Makes me ashamed to be in the Ford camp these days.

Are you really this stupid or just playing dumb?

Stan Hall said...

I just saw on Jayski that older brother Hermie is looking for a Hauler Driver. Maybe Sadler should take that gig, but does Hermie have enough dollars for all the torn up sheet metal that happens when Elliot gets behind the wheel!

That McDonalds pic on your other blog is priceless!

3eyedrebel said...

My apologies, Phil. Seems I mis-spoke regarding YOUR opinion of Sadler's FANS. You obviously have no problem with them -- it's the driver, right? I stand corrected. As for your respondants, I can only say thanks to EP and friends for reinforcing my point so eloquently! Nothing like articulate civility, is there?

justacat89 said...


As to your comment "These folks will cry “Injustice” over a $15 dollar membership fee – yet they gladly pay it for the right to attack and ridicule the members thereon? Now THERE’S honesty for ya!!"

I wanted to say a few things....First off...I paid my FIRST $15 membership dues in DECEMBER 2005 - I thought that I would get the whole package (everything shipped out in 2005 including copies of the newsletters)....I got a picture, a card, and a letter - WOW! (sarcasm implied)

I thought...OK...that was MY stupidity for signing up so late in the year...because the very next week AFTER I had signed up....I was told that I had to pay $15 for my 2006 Membership....

But I really liked and believed in Elliott "the Southern Gentleman" Sadler. I bought a NUMBER of things that were Sadler, #38, or M&M related to decorate a room in my currently being remodeled house.

Then the season started...he did awesome in Daytona and I was excited about having a great year...then things went down hill from there...

There are just to many things to list here and many of them...well...Phil has already covered them pretty well...

Anyway....I've become more and more disillusioned with Elliott. Some will say I'm not a "true fan" since I don't cheer for him when he's doing bad...but the truth of it is that I never cared how he did on the track...but how he lives his life just shows me that he isn't a person I can support...

We all make choices about how we live our lives and he's made some that I just personally agree with...I don't care that he's made those choices because he may live his life any way he chooses...but don't critize me for choosing NOT to support those lifestyle choices....

As far as my comments on SFC (and I have been argumentally truthful)...I feel that I paid my $30 (since I didn't get SQUAT for my 2005 $15) so I have as much right to be there as his "true fans".

I was one of those "true fans" back in December when I paid my money (TWICE)...but I won't be paying any more money for a SFC membership in the future! But until that time...I will access any areas, glean any info, and post it for others to discuss - don't like, get over it...I'm just getting my money's worth...

As for your other comment: "The internet is free. If you do not care to become a member of the fan club – start your own board. Oh, seems that’s been done "

Yes...it has been done...and if you want to talk about HONESTY...please explain to me why Sean, Troy, Brett, Shelley, Alnee, and Linda (not sure who else has it) are SHARING a username and password to access that "Other board"? Why not be honest and get their own? Why even CARE what we say or do? Because they are doing the same thing you accuse people like me of doing.

So don't come at me with YOUR self-righteousness when people at the SFC are doing the SAME THING.

Anonymous said...

well this is all very interesting, I am not and have never been an Elliott fan, but I do have friendships with some of his fans & former fans.....Personally I think the guy is a dweeb, who is tied to mama's apron strings, and who has a brother who is so damn jealous of him it isn't funny. He is someone who does not honor contracts, who always thinks the grass is greener on the other side. He surrounds himself with people who are inept. However, I do agree with Phils blog on all points, the most outrageous is cheating the fans, the shill bidding on ebay auctions (Brett is a total idiot) While Brett and Hermie try to defend their actions and Elliotts behavior, they resort to "veiled threats" and then expect you to get all scared and back off, yeah right. They don't like you contacting their sponsors that I know for sure (first hand experience) but so what it is my right, will continue to be my right and there is not a damn thing the Sadlers can do about it as evidenced in the fact that THEY backed off, not me! The Sponsors response was that THEY - The Sadlers and Brett WERE OUT OF LINE!! Did they honestly think I wasnt going to forward their emails, did they think they controlled everyone and their thoughts, did they think they could take away a persons rights to express their opinions.......Yup they did, but they found out differently.......does anyone wonder WHY M&M's is not moving with Elliott?

Hermie looking for a hauler driver, WHAT THE HECK FOR?, what's gonna be in it all Elliotts booze. Hermie is useless, and takes up space in the environment.

Has panic set in yet, since they realized that they are not getting the hits they need on the SFC board, how long before they open it up again and then where will that leave those "true fans" who paid the dues. Thinking is not a requirement to be employed by the Sadlers.

"please explain to me why Sean, Troy, Brett, Shelley, Alnee, and Linda (not sure who else has it) are SHARING a username and password to access that "Other board"? Why not be honest and get their own? Why even CARE what we say or do?"

I would say first they may be trying to see HOW to run a message board - since they have no clue. Or the guys have no balls, and as for the women doing it, they are followers who truly believe they are "in" with the Sadlers and any info they gather can go right back to Bell........She is the one running the show, the rest are paid lackeys....Brett is useless and is a clone of Hermie's opinion (proven by the almost word for word email I received)

Elliotts personal life may be just that, but all the other stuff in more serious because it involves people and their money, charities that don't exist (or if they do, no names are given), auctions with a "portion" going to charity, who is the charity the Sadlers.

they have fallen from grace and off the pedestal for a lot of people and when the "true fans" finally realize it they will be saying..........geez I remember that blog.......the guy writing it was 100% CORRECT, too bad I didn't listen.

3eyedrebel said...

Hi Phil, Paula, & friends:

Out of courtesy and respect to Phil, I don't believe his blog is the proper place for us to continue such an acrimonious discussion of issues which are rapidly drifting into a battle. I don’t entirely agree with Phil, but I will respect his right to post his opinions in an appropriate place and without taking subsequent action to denigrate those he does not feel are responsible.

I DO, as stated earlier, stand corrected and have proffered my apologies to Phil. Phil's opinions do not seem to convey malicious disrespect for Sadlers FANS. The hardest words to type on the internet are: I WAS WRONG. So once again, Phil, if I left the impression that YOU lack integrity, I WAS WRONG. My comment was directed towards those who also commented, and if my opinions inadvertently target you, please accept my humble apologies.

Paula, I no desire to fuel any fires already roaring – on your board or on the SFC board. I have forwarded you my email via ez and invite you to contact me privately. We may differ drastically in our opinions, but there is no reason why we cannot have a civil conversation and perhaps agree to disagree without animosity amongst ourselves and perhaps our respective groups. Call it pumping sunshine if you wish, but it’s better than the alternative.

Sadgal said...

QUOTE: I too wonder why those who hate him SOOOO much continue to let his name fall out of their mouths if I don't like something I tend to LEAVE IT ALONE. No you would rather waste your time digging dirt and spouting off.

And yet, here you are!

Anonymous said...

You know what, if you are going to accuse people by name of doing things, then I really would make sure that your info is correct. Really makes you look bad when you have no clue. Don't know where you get your information, but I would say your source is far less than reliable.

justacat89 said...

I had my suspicions but never named names until I had got confirmation from multiple sources. If you've been named and want to discuss it - sent me an email (EZInbox). If you've not been named then I guess I don't see where it concerns you. JMO

Anonymous said...

Sadler is a loser. Really, what has he ever done?